People will stare...make it worth their while
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Don't sleep on me
Not today
You scared ?
 Like a sprained ankle I ain't nothin' to play with. (Hair styled with  @sheamoisture  strengthen, grow, & restore, styling lotion along with  @bouncecurl  Gel, & diffused with cold air using  @thecurlyco )
Rosie The Riveter
This Queen & Her King
Beauty is how you feel inside...
New Hair, Who Dis
They wanna see you do good...
In the right direction
The Awakening
Virtuous Woman
Cold Shoulder
Sea of Curls
The Fine-Apple Life
This Queen Loves Her King
On a beautiful cloudy day...
Blow it out of the water
Crowned Beauty
Up close, because seeing is believing
The sun never dies in the third coast
Not a one-trick pony
Curls Galore
Pineapple (autumn 2016)
Summer Glow
Double Trouble
In a world of copycats be authentic
Gym Hair Don't Care
If Friday Had A Face (and hair)
Quirky Qurls
   "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." ~ e.e. cummings
Music to my ears
Mar de Rizos
Oldest of three but only in age...
To be ageless is to be free
Sea of Curls
Smiling doesn't cost a thing.
The Turning Point
I'm wide awake.
Health Over Length
I am still learning. - Michelangelo
When one door closes, another opens.
A sea of curls
The Irony
Besos to my hubby, forever.
Rockin' & Rollin'
The Quiet Storm
Mirror Mirror
Curly Updo
Dutch Braids
Same Day. Different Looks.
Straight Arrow
My sonshine
Sunny Daze
Take it or leave it
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